5 Themes of Austin, Texas

by Sameer Mohamed

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As depicted in the picture Austin is located northeast of San Antonio, and northwest of Houston. Austin is located in central Texas. Austin is located at the following coordinates: 30° 18' 26"N, 97° 45' 22"W. Houston is 147 miles east-southeast of Austin, and San Antonio is 74 miles southwest of Austin.
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Austin has a population of about 790,000, making it the 14th most populous city in the United States. Austin has a metropolitan population of about 1.78 million, making it the 34th most populous metropolitan in the United States. Austin's elevation varies from 130 meters to 305 meters above sea level. Austin is experiencing a drought, and has a humid, subtropic climate. Austin is typically sunny, and the Colorado River runs through it, as seen in the picture above.

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Human Environment Interaction

Austin has affected its environment in many ways, because it is such a large city. The Mansfield dam is one example of human environment interaction in Austin, which can be seen above. Austin is about 300 square miles in area, of which much land was cleared, greatly changing the environment there.


Austin is a technological, and cultural hub. Some notable businesses formed in and around Austin, that can be seen above, include Dell Inc., Nation Instruments Corp., and Whole Foods Market inc. These enormous businesses bring products and people from all around the world to Austin, creating an ethnically diverse and worldly environment. Especially with technology and food, products, like silicon and tea are being imported from all around the world.

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Austin is located in central Texas. The Colorado river is partially in Austin, as well as many other land formations. These land formations include Lady Bird Lake, Lake Travis, and Lake Austin (above). Austin has a very diverse environmentally diverse being at an intersection of four ecological regions. Austin's climate has the characteristics of a desert, the tropics, and a wetter climate.


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