Super Star News Update

May 16 - May 20

"I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflections." — Thomas Paine

Hunt's Corner

Kuddos Thank you Elizabeth, LIsa, Holly, Jon, and Tammy for coordinating a successful and smooth testing week! Todd, Sherri, Katie, Christin, Martha, Maria, Sandy, Christopher, Julie, Julie, Yodit, Kelley, Ben, Carol, Susan--Your students were confident, focused, and proud. This was a truly united campus effort, from instruction to hallway monitoring to cafeteria to test administrations, flexible groups, maintenance, technology, and box fans, bubble-filled cheeks and tiptoeing feet --THANK YOU!

Kuddos to our AMAZING PE team--Liz, Tonia, and Felecia-- for an exciting, memorable Field Day! The students, parents, and guests left exhausted and proud.

Just like one of these glittering bicycles, many moving parts smoothly work together to make our school the greatest. You take bumps and puddles in stride, always looking forward. You return with honor each day. You are the very BEST for students, and I am so grateful for you. See you Monday!

Items to Note

  • All-STAR Night: This will be our last campus-wide community event this year! We are excited to host our 2nd Grade Musical and invite all of our parents to come walk our halls, visit their classrooms, and see the great products our students have recently created. Please post student work as we prepare to welcome our parents next Thursday. All hands on deck! At the beginning of the school year, everyone signed up for an area (this sheet is available in OneDrive, for your reference). I've attached a new sign-up with scaffolded times. The sign-up will be available at the staff meeting tomorrow. (If you have an unavoidable conflict and are unable to participate on the evening of the event, please see Rebekah to discuss how you can support the campus in other ways.) Thank you!
  • Subfinder/AESOP: Crowley is transitioning from Subfinder to AESOP! Skyward gets along better with AESOP than Subfinder, so we're expecting good things! AESOP is also more easily accessible for our substitutes. While the change will be full-swing in August, we will begin the transition during the last 2 weeks of school this year, in order to address any bugs that may come up. You will continue to enter absences in Skyward, just as you are already doing. However, if you see the name "AESOP" floating around, you'll know what it means!
  • Master Schedule Review: Teachers, now that you have seen the proposed schedule for next year, would you like the opportunity to provide input? :) We can discuss and begin the process in my office Thursday afternoon at 3PM. Please let Letitia know so that we can provide enough resources. Thank you!
  • Staff Meeting this week: We will be working on class lists for next year. See you after school!
  • Sheyla, thank you for sending your students to lead us in Announcements last week. We're looking forward to hearing from Ginny's class!

Big Kahuna Super Star Party

Tuesday, May 31st, 8am

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX

All-STAR Night

Thursday, May 26th, 5:30pm

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX

All-Hands on Deck!

5:30-6:00 2nd Grade Concert

6:00-7:00 Open House