David G. Burnet Elementary

Shining Stars Gazette - June 1st and June 7th, 2015

7th week of the 6th six weeks and last gazette for school year 2014-2015

Notes from your principal

Congratulations on the completion of the 2014-2015 school year. You have accomplished much for all whom you serve, students, parents and the community. Thank you for your commitment to our students at Burnet. I am humbled to have been working alongside committed teachers and staff at Burnet.

Enjoy your well deserved summer vacation!


Ms. Loskot, Proud Principal of All Stars!



Our vision is to guide and direct our students, so they become productive citizens, lifelong learners, and future leaders. We are committed to providing the best education possible for every child.


Empowering students to become passionate learners. David G. Burnet Elementary is committed to ensuring each child a quality of education. We believe that quality of education should prepare a youngster for further education and responsible, productive citizenship.

Key Action 1: Sustain a Positive Culture

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Congratulations! Teacher of the Year, Mr. Hale! Teacher Assistant of the Year, Ms. Santos!

Key Action 2: High Quality Instruction and Engagment

Key Action 3: Data-Driven Instruction

Week At-A-Glance

Enjoy your summer!

Quote of the Week

Think BIG

Think Differently Act Courageously

STAY Calm and Shine On!

Action Items

Professional Learning Opportunities - Summer 2015

Registration will open Monday, May 4, 2015. Please click on the link to view catalog.