Buffalo Band Boosters Update

February 2021

A Message from Mr. Boening

Dear Parents,

It's hard to believe that we're here in the Spring Semester getting ready for Spring UIL events! I am completely humbled at the way the Buffalo Band Family (parents, students, and staff) have taken me in and allowed me to be a part of this wonderful group!

As we move into February, a number of our students have chosen to participate in the UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest, coming up on Saturday, February 20th. This year the UIL has allowed each school to plan and run their own Solo & Ensemble Contest so that the COVID protocols for each individual school district and campus may be followed. We wish those students the best of luck in their preparations for this event!

As I am typing this, I see our Clemens Winter Guard hard at work preparing their shows for competition. Like many events this year, a large portion of their competitive season will take place virtually, but they WILL have an opportunity to compete live on March 20 & April 10. Unfortunately, spectators are not allowed at these live events, so we will have to cheer them on in spirit!

Finally, our four concert bands are hard at work preparing for the UIL Concert & Sight Reading Evaluation, which has just been confirmed for Wednesday, April 14. This event was cancelled last year due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and we are excited that is being allowed to take place this year! A UIL judging panel will be traveling to Clemens HS in order to avoid student travel, so we will be able to perform in our own auditorium with all of the same safety protocols we have in place day-to-day in band class. It has, however, been decided at the district level that we will not hold our usual pre-UIL festival in order to minimize risk.

While I am very glad we are able to hold all of these events in a modified fashion, I have certainly missed meeting and getting to know all of the Buff Band parents over the course of the year. I very much look forward to that changing!! I hope this finds you all healthy and safe!


Matt Boening

A Message from the Band Booster Executive Board

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe we are already almost half way through February and it is time to start planning for next year. This is my last year - 4 years has gone by in a flash - but I have loved every minute of my time as part of the Buffalo Band. Last year, a series of circumstances led me to submit my name to fill the role as Booster President. It was in the midst of COVID-19 and a lot of unknowns. But I had the desire to help do whatever I could in the middle of anything but a normal year. I am SO GLAD I did it. We operated as a team to get things done and make the marching season as close to "normal" as we could. We have fabulous band directors who were committed to the success of our band under really difficult circumstances. We have parents who genuinely care about our band program. We have young musicians who want to be a part of something and grow their skill. The whole purpose of the boosters is to assist our band directors, support our students and to provide scholarships. I know life is busy for everyone. I know we live in uncertain times due to COVID-19. And I know we are all often stretched for time. But I also know that without parent volunteers, our band program could not succeed. It is a HUGE team effort. And your commitment matters - as a concession volunteer, a chaperone, an event planner, or an executive team member. Every bit of time you give is needed. The band boosters functions best with a full board--and with a President. So, we ask you to consider how you can be part of our band family. You can click the following links below to read more about executive board positions and team leader positions.

Thank you!

Jen Whyte


We are already planning for 2021-2022 (with hopes of a "normal" marching season) and we have several board positions to fill. If we are able to fill board positions for next year, there will be a period of overlap that will ensure a successful transition. The Executive Board works as a team to ensure our band runs smoothly and has what it needs to operate and works closely with the band directors. When the board positions are full and we are operating as a full team, it is ideal. Please consider giving your time to our band-different talents, skills, and viewpoints blend together to create success. The jobs are flexible around working schedules. Please email the Board at buffboosters78154@gmail.com for more information or to volunteer for one of the openings. Nominations and voting will occur later this Spring. For more detailed job descriptions, click here.

President: VACANT FOR 2021-2022

1ST VP: VACANT FOR 2021-2022

2ND VP: Tanya Behunin


SECRETARY: Ally Santoni


Just as our Executive Board has open positions, we also have open team leader positions. Our team leaders are vital to making our band program successful. Many jobs can be done as co-leaders. It is a great way to get involved with our band and get to know the students and other parents. Please email the Board at buffboosters78154@gmail.com for more information or to volunteer for one of the openings. For a more detailed job description, click here.

Concessions - Rebecca & Duane Zimmerman

Uniforms - Tanya Behunin

Chaperones - Brandi Carnes & Dora Tallman

Feed the Herd - Ally Santoni & Darcelle Zentil

Pit Crew & Props - Gault Robinson & VACANT

Fundraising - Tonya Morin & Shannon Morgan

Events - VACANT

Booster Store - VACANT

Social Media - VACANT

Hospitality - Jill Parker

Field Photographer/Band Photographer - Leah Godfredson & VACANT

Videographer - VACANT (can be more than one team member to rotate)

Parliamentarian - Todd Clayton

Scholarships 2020-2021

It is almost that time of year where we begin the scholarship process. Our growth award and scholarship process is a key part of what we do as a booster organization. Through our efforts with concessions and fundraising, we are able to provide scholarships to underclassmen who want to learn and grow in their musicianship and to deserving seniors who are moving onto higher education.

We are in need of one to two parents to help organize and plan the scholarship activities for this year. Please email buffboosters78154@gmail.com if you are interested in being part of the scholarship committee for this year.

Update on Organization Project

We have been hard at work organizing and cleaning our band shed, band hall, and uniform closet. We will continue this project through the Spring. Thank you to the booster membership for voting yes for the expenses for this project. It will help keep us organized in the future. Here are a few pictures that show what we have accomplished so far.

Are you interested in a show shirt?

We are considering creating a show shirt from this year for our show, "Fortune of Fools". We didn't get a show shirt made because we used polos. However, some people have asked about doing a shirt for t-shirt quilts and/or a memento. If enough people are interested in ordering a shirt to keep our price point reasonable, we will do it. Please fill out the following form to help guide our decision. https://forms.gle/i63E55wp2UeqhPnk6

Winterguard Update from Ms. Caro

As you all know, the teams have been working SO hard learning their Winterguard shows, and they are looking amazing! Our Winterguard competitions will look a bit different this year. We will have five virtual Competitions and two in-person competitions, as outlined below:

  • Virtual Competitions:
    • March 13, 20, 27 April 10, 17
    • These virtual competitions will require that we record our performance in our school gym and submit the video for judging.
  • In person Competitions:
    • March 20 & April 10
    • Location: Madison HS (We will meet at Clemens and travel by bus to the location, warm up, perform, and load the bus to return to Clemens)
    • Unfortunately due to the TECA safety rules this year, spectators will NOT be allowed. I understand this is not ideal, but these are the rules of our governing organization.
    • As our competition schedules become available, I will share the itinerary with you

***We are working on a "Parent Performance" date so that you all can see all of the hard work that your student has been doing! More details will be forthcoming!

  • Rehearsal Schedule change: We now have access to the gym before school now that basketball season is winding down. This means we can get into the gym a couple of mornings each week so that we can stage our shows and they can use the performance mat to space out properly. We will continue to practice in the band hall during class and for our after school practices. Please see below for the practice schedules for Varsity and JV.
  • This new practice schedule will begin Tuesday, February 16 (next week) through Friday, April 9.
  • Note: For ALL morning rehearsals, the band hall will open at 5:45am for students to gather their equipment. We will LOCK the band hall at 5:55am and all walk over to the gym as a group to begin rehearsal at 6am. Please ensure your student is dropped off at the band hall on these days in time to gather equipment and assist in moving our mat/sound equipment as a team.
  • Varsity Winterguard Rehearsal Schedule
    • Tuesday mornings: 6am-8:00am
    • Thursday afternoons: 4:15-5:30pm
    • Varsity will also practice on Friday, February 26
  • JV Winterguard Rehearsal Schedule
    • Tuesday afternoons: 5:15-5:30pm
    • Thursday mornings: 6:00-8:00am
  • BOTH teams will be required to attend Friday mornings on March 5, March 19, and April 9. These days we will be recording our shows for the Virtual Competitions.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email! I want to thank each of you for everything you do to ensure your student is present at these practices. They have come such a long way from our summer