Come down and enjoy fun family activities

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Amazing weather

You might want to bring a rain coat cause rain rains and pack your bag with some shorts to because they have very nice weather and summers are very mild and winters are very chili help your self to cliff diving in the nice weather or don't drive in the bad weather. and make sure to bring a winter coat.
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The language

The official language is dutch a germanniclanguage. English german and french are commonly understood. 30 percent is roman catholic and about halfway german and english many dutch understood. dutch is 90 percent spoken frisian is 2.2 spoken arabic is 0.6 percent and turkish is 0.6 percent

The land marks and historical sight

Amsterdam is roughly the size of switserland and twice the size of new jersey. 41,543 killometers wind mills are used to pump water so you dont have to wory about water supply and the carribean island countries the netherlands and cuba. water fills up the land so thats when rotterdam comes in which dates backe to world war I. Haarlem is a tourist attraction a very nice landmark. Leiden is a beautiful old historical city one of my favorite citys to go.
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The art and history.

The Netherlands is full of famous art and a powerful history. Aart Kemink was a famous artist and painter. Vincent van Gogh was an a amazing painter many of people know this legand artist, he painted the stary night known for his magnifisent colors and mind. In world war II the netherlands was invaded by the Nazi, later the east was taken by Japanese.

Mouth watering foods

Do you know Amsterdam is full of very tasty foods I will be telling you about the top 3 favorited dishes. If you are out and about in the morning you might want to try the ever so tasty poffertjes it is a small fluffy pancake smuthered in syrup with powdered sugar. and to wash that down you may want to try koffie its coffee with your choice of expresso or milk. And to wrap it all up for dinner you may want to try a choice cut marinaded rib eye steak with a side of asparagus an ever so delicacy choice.

Break time

And once your done chowing down you may want to go take a famous tour of the keukenhof garden a beautiful sight of different color flowers. Amsterdam is full of fun activities like skating, sports and festivals. Music is a huge part in the Netherlands. Also they celebrate holidays too like Christmas and saint nicolas.