The plan for government

A guide to the constitution

Griffin Whitener


New government needed

A new government is needed, the government we have now is failing. It fails to support a strong economy, the rights of its people, and a military to defend its people.


The delegates were sent to the convention to make sure that their state gets what is best for them in the new government.

Representational Issues

Issues arose as deciding on how each state would be represented during votes went on. There was the Virginia plan which said that each state got votes based on population. There was also the New Jersey plan which said each state got one vote. In the end there was compromise making two houses, one houses votes was based on states population while the other just gave one per state.

Slavery Issues

Slavery only being large in the south caused conflict on whether slaves would be counted on taxes, as well as population for voting seats. The south said slaves should count as population and not on taxes while the north said they should count on taxes and not as population. The compromise agreed upon was the 3/5 compromise. This stated that 3 out of every 5 slaves would count as population and on taxes.

Power struggle State or Federal?

There was debate on whether state law should have more power or federal law. In the end results you will follow state laws but federal laws can override state laws if need be.

Separation of Power

Power in the government is not given to one group, instead it is separated into three branches. The first is the legislative branch, this branch makes the laws. The second is the executive branch, they enforce the law. The third and final branch is the judicial branch, they evaluate laws and make sure they are just and fair to all.

How this Government can be Changed

The constitution can be changed by adding amendments. To add an amendment two thirds of the house of representatives or senate have to agree.