Enviromental problems / Ashley Delgado

why recycling is important ?

recycling is very important , talking about our world´s environmental problems , caused by the big quantity of pollution and consumption of resources , the principal problem in charge of making all this environmental problems to occur is the overpopulation that every day increases more and more , so its important recycling for controlling the quantity of pollution of wastes that the over population is leaving .

Economic benefits for recycling

-through recycling the amount of wastes that the trash car has to take to the landfill reduces.

-recycling brings new business ,like : selling , processing and transportation of recovered materials .

- The more people recycles , the less companies have to be in charge of selling products .(less industries)

-by recycling the amount of resources reduce , less money spent by a company to buy selling product.

what are the environmental benefits of recycling ?

- by recycling we can conserve energy and reduce its use.

- by recycling we can reduce visual pollution

-by recycling deforestation of trees reduces , leaving more fresh air for us .

- by recycling , air , water and landfill pollution reduce its quantity .