by:Trent Sorsby

Have You Ever Been To Tennessee

Have you ever been to Tennessee? I have but I was only about six or seven but I was old enough to remember it.When I went to Tennessee the first thing I saw was the great big snowy mountain tops. The mountain where huge and they were so hight in the air that they were in the clouds. So if you do go to Tennessee I would recommend you to take a picture of the mountains.

Tennessee wildlife

Tennessee has one of the biggest pretest forest i have ever seen. The forest is full of a lot of magnificent animals suck as big mean black bears,elk,buffalo,and pretty song birds.
On the way to tennessee was a long trip but it was worth it .To go and see all them beautiful feathers of tennessee and its wildlife and to get to watch a tennessee football game in tennessee. The best was the house we got to stay in was so big.

Raccoon is Tennessee's state animal