Reconstruction Era 1865-1877

Rebuilding the Nation

What is Reconstruction

Reconstruction is what happens after the civil war. It was a hard rebuilding because Lincoln was soon assassinated after the union won. No one won because they fought them self. Andrew took over reconstruction; let's be honist he was not very good at it. That is when congress took over and did his job for him.
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Congressional Reconstruction

After Johnson was impeached congress made a new plan to amend the 13th,14th, and 15th amendment. All confederate states had to take an oath and make a new constitution.
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He was now for his amazing speeches and the recent victory for the Union. After winning the war he was assassinated by John Wilksbooth. That was when reconstruction .
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Was the Vice President of the US. After Lincoln was assassinated Johnson took over reconstruction. He was not as easy going as Lincoln was. So congress tried to impeach him.
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Hiram Rhodes Revels

He was once a slave but know he is a freedman. He is the first African American to be a senator for the us.