Daimyo in Medieval Japan

by Kara, Drew, Mariella, and Rosalin


  • The Daimyo in medieval Japan were local warrior lords supported by groups of the samurai.
  • They had complete military and economic power.
  • Their job was to keep justice and peace in town.
  • They fought more than the shoguns did and were known as warlords and lead armies into battle.
  • They expected rewards for obedience and loyalty such as land, money, and/or administrative office.
  • The increasing power of the Daimyos weakened the shoguns, and overtime we became more powerful.
  • Most of the time, Daimyos died before becoming a shogun.
  • Daimyo treated land as little kingdoms and fought each other to have land and power.
  • They were lords from 900 to 1600 CE.
  • The Daimyo controlled land surrounding castles and armies in lands.
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