fashion industry!!

heyy its helen!!

im a 13 year old fashionista!! i enjoy volleyball and all things fashion. my blog has alot of fashion tips and techniques you could use!!

today we're gonna talk about

~interior design

~history influence

~advertising and marketing

~sketching and design


~sewing construction

history influence

fashion can come back from other times!

you have probably have noticed flannels from the 80's movie breakfast club

The Breakfast Club Dance Scene

advertising and marketing

here's 4 tips for advertising your fashion ideas!!

~endorsements ( someone could be famous promoting your idea or product)

~bright colors to get attention eye catching

~slogan( a catchy phrase to help people remember your product)

~ comparison (comparing something like your product to your own)

sketching and design!!

sketching can help you with all of your fashion ideas
Big image

sewing construction

sewing construction is fun and easy!! here's a tip!!

keep the stitches nice and neat by keeping the same amount of space between the stitches

Basic Hand Sewing Stitches

interior design

you can decorate your bedroom/ room with many different styles like




shabby chic