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January 2020

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If you missed our webinar, you can find it archived in our NDAGC Webinar Library. Just visit the Membership Portal. A summary of the January Webinar is provided below.

Who Are the Gifted?

Gifted and Talented Education is needed for some children. Jackie Owen will present commonly cited definitions of “gifted and talented.” She will discuss the characteristics and needs of gifted and talented students, and why gifted education should be a part of school systems. The presentation will be geared towards, parents, educators, administrators, and pre-service teachers.

Webinar Series

"Personality is the result of life experiences and genetic makeup. All gifted children are not affected by their special abilities in the same way. Gifted children interact with and are influenced by their families, their education, their relationships, and their personal development. Experience with gifted children in a variety of settings has served to increase awareness that the gifted cannot be seen as one group" by R. Strang.