Growing Fruit Organically

Growing and caring for fruit trees in Goa

How you can grow delicious fruits at home

As the use of pesticides and artificial ripening of fruits continue to compromise the quality of fruits in Goa - both in terms of taste and their impact on our health - growing fruits at home makes more and more sense. But fruit trees are often neglected and therefor non-productive.
This workshop, organised by Miguel Braganza and Green Essentials with the support of the International Centre, Goa. will help you learn how to care for your trees using organic manures and organic methods of pest management. We also show you how you can enjoy delicious organic fruit even on a sunny terrace - by growing them productively in pots.

Hands On: Grafting and air-layering with fruit trees

Growing Fruits Organically

Sunday, May 26th, 3-6:30pm

International Centre Goa, Dona Paula

  • Pre-registration compulsory.
  • Call/SMS Karan: 99606-43250 OR
    Email: to pre-register.
  • Registration Fee, Rs. 400.00 per head.

What you'll Learn

  • Which fruits (and how much) you should grow at home
  • Grafting and air-layering to propagate your fruit trees
  • Selecting and preparing pots for fruit plants
  • How to feed fruit saplings and tress
  • Dealing with plant health problems and pests organically
  • Organic plant inputs you'll need

Green Essentials

Green Essentials is a garden-cum-eco store in Taleigao, Goa that promotes environmentally friendly practices and products. We are especially passionate about growing vegetables at home and promote organic vegetable gardening in Goa through our workshops.