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ARS UK LTD is an Essex based building repair and Refurbishment Company which offers a professional Glass Repair, Onsite spraying, industrial spray painting & Suspended ceiling Repair service in the UK and Ireland.

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ARS UK LTD is an Essex based building repair and refurbishment company established as a family run business in 1992. We primarily offer a professional specialistOn-Site Spray Coating & Repair service to the UK and Ireland.We take pride in the efficient service we offer with quality being paramount. Our customers can be assured that through our directly trained staff, comprehensive QC procedures and stringent Health & Safety practices, quality is at the top of the list both on site and off.As we have expanded over the years we have extended our services to include on site; Glass Repairs, Cleaning & Restoration works, Intumescent/ Fire Resistant Coatings plus other Specialist Services to meet our clients needs. Remaining flexible has been a major factor throughout our growth, allowing us to initiate works at extremely short notice, from a small 1 day contract through to more extensive projects continuing through a year and beyond. With vast experience and dedication to getting the project finished on time - first time - every time in the services we offer, we are confident that once tried, ARS UK LTD will be added to your approved contractors list for future projects


Glass Scratch Removal System is unlike any other scratch removal process globally. It does not use abrasive pads or compounds, so does not leave a low spot in the glass that causes distortion. "Unique non-abrasive compounds and pads work to improve the scratch without removing the glass". The difference enables our equipment to remove glass scratches upto .004" deep (deep enough to carry your finger nail) without leaving any distortion as independently tested distortion free by BSI and ANSI.