BUC UPdate #8

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THIS WEEK.................Reconnecting after the break!

Faculty Meeting Wednesday Morning

Biscuits at 7:30 am in Theater Lobby, Meeting starts at 7:45 am.

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Teacher Pre-Game Tailgatefor this Friday's BIG GAME against Alexander High School.......

Come on out before the game and enjoy a tailgate party before cheering on Coach Varner and our Buc's as they look to follow up their BIG WIN over South Paulding...........

Northstar Church will be providing their grill and burgers and dogs!............

Look for some specific info/details to come out from Mr. Bennett early this week.

Take a few minutes to read the text below, it is adapted from a blog that i read this past week..................being a good "pilot" involves constantly looking at things differently and finding new and better ways to do things.

How many of you can tell me who flew the first plane?”

“The Wright brothers did that,” someone said. “I don’t remember who exactly flew or who watched, but it was the Wright brothers.” “OK, would you say the Wright brothers were pilots?”

“OF COURSE! They were pilots! I waited…

“So, would you want them to fly you to London today on a Boeing 747?”

“No way. They would not know how to fly a jet. They would not know how to start it!” Replies and jokes about that idea filled the room.

“Would you agree that people who fly planes are pilots?”

We were agreed. Now for the big connection…........

“Teaching is like flying a plane. Nobody will say that the Wright brothers were not important and not one person will say they were not pilots – but times have changed. Flight has evolved and is still evolving. The pilot of the Wright brothers era will not be able to fly today’s jet. It does not mean they are bad pilots, it means that the planes have changed and now, to be a pilot, a person must be able to navigate the most current planes and jets.”

“I am not here to say that a pilot of the past can’t learn to fly a jet with the proper training and make a contribution. But without change and advancement they are simply unable to do the job.”

“YOU are pilots-----some of you were trained in the most modern jets and other were trained in less modern planes but you all know how to fly and what the purpose of flying is….....to move people from one place to another. You must be current in your pilot’s license in order to fly. You must be able to fly people all over the world on the big, modern jets. Our kids are the passengers. They want to go everywhere and unless you are able to bring your practice up to speed we simply can’t deliver.”

“We want the best pilots in the air. Your professional development and technological integration expectations are key to our success. Flying like the Wright brothers – while important in the development of aviation – is not indicative of the kind of airline we operate.”

Are you a good pilot?

Do you want to fly better?

Do you want to fly the big jet?

Passengers dictate the success of the airline………Do students want to ride on your plane?

Let’s continue to make Allatoona a great airline……..……

How do you do that?


  • Differentiating & Individualizing Instruction
  • Actively Engaging Students
  • Utilizing Technology to Enhance Instruction
  • Quality Three Part Lessons
  • Using Appropriate Activating and Summarizing Strategies
  • Using Data to Make Decisions
  • Effectively Collaborating with other Teachers
  • Posting Appropriate Learning Questions and Objectives
  • Using common formative assessment to drive instruction
  • Building meaningful relationships with students
  • Listening to and Including Student Voice
  • Unit Planning and Adjusting to Meet Student Needs
  • Using Student Feedback to Improve your Teaching

DO NOT BE SATISFIED.....Want to be a better pilot each day!

Governor's Honors Program

It is that time of the year to nominate a student who is passionate about your subject area for the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program (GHP). GHP is a residential summer program for gifted and talented high school students who are currently in the tenth and eleventh grade.

The program offers instruction that is significantly different from the typical high school classroom in that, it provide students with academic, cultural, and social enrichment necessary to become the next generation of global critical thinkers, innovators, and leaders.

If you have a student in your class who is passionate about your subject area and you would like to nominate them for this excellent opportunity, please send Ms. Neisha Williams your nominations by October 3rd!

Congratulations to our Band Program........

Congratulation to Ms. Clark, Mr. Gurnow, and all of our band students for their 2nd Place finish at the Bands of America Regional Championships and they also received recognition for Outstanding Music Performance and Outstanding General Effect in their class. Way to go!

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Complete the google doc and pick your favorite Kevin Spacey Impression from the video below for a chance to win dinner for two! Must complete by Tuesday at 3:30 pm. Winner will be announced at Wednesday Morning Faculty Meeting........