Being dependent with computers

To dependent or not


What would life be like without the computers we have today? We can either be to dependent on computers or we can do without it. People today are to depenedent on computers we have today on the things we need today.


  • Great for finding things quickly
  • Fast updates
  • Reminders on important things
  • Latest news on traffic or economy


  • Forget how to do simple things
  • They do things for you
  • Causes lazyness

Opposition and Rebutal


  • Good to have
  • Think if it does it for you then dont have to do it


  • Should be able find things on own
  • Dont need technology to do it for you

Call to Action

  • Dependent can be good
  • To dependent is bad
  • Can be easly taken advantage
People are too dependent on technology