Beginning Of New Art, Music, And Culture

What Was The Change?

Renaissance Is The French Word For Rebirth. It Was The Beginning Of New Culture, New Music, And New Art.

The Image To the Left Shows new Music Being Made.

People Associated With The Renaissance

Ideal (Well Educated And Multi-Talented) Men And Women Have Been A Big Part Of The Renaissance
  • Michelangelo Painted The Sistine Chapel
  • Raphael Painted The Marriage of the Virgin
  • Donatello Made Sculptures
  • Leonardo Da Vinci Painted The Mona Lisa
in order from left to right

Impact To Society

People Were Starting To Stretch Potential Value And Goodness Of Themselves, And Finding Ways Of Solving Problems. Often Ideal Men And Women Expressed emotion To Their Art And Music. Mathamatics And Science Started To Impact The Rennaseince With New Ways Of Solving Problems

Evidence From Renaissance To Modern Day

Great writers Such As Shakespeare Influenced Us Today With New Movie Ideas. Romeo And Juliet Was An Old Play Now Made Into A 20th Century Movie. Renaissance Style Influenced Our Own Agriculture. Renaissance Helped Us Create Beautiful Agriculture Such As The Washington D.C. Dome.