Dog Tags

Semper Pido


Dog tags about this story when a guy is an army man and he goes to irak and his dog gets hurt so he carries him to get help and hes about to go out like die with his dog and he stops and falls slowley n is down all of a sudden and a heliocopter shows uoand there grabbing him and hes like get the dog first and they say no and they grabe them both and put them on the helicpter and made them all better and they were rescuide that do was so happy and its a reverse book now I will tell u about it now

Before everything happens

Hes home and hes with his family and hes 17 and hes fine he was always loving with animals and always was a caring guy. Thats why he was taking his life for a dog thats so nice and his family was upset when he said he was joining the army

my favorite part

is when hes struggling to stay up he says i have to save us i love this book its one of my favorite books hes such a great character