My Smore Flyer

By: Zach Porro


There are many examples of perseverance but some of these situations stick out from others such as Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Robinson. Others are not well known such as Leroy and Dartanyan. But perseverance is being able to get up and keep trying no matter what happens and still accomplishing your goals.

Jackie Robinson - Cause/Effect

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Carry on- Compare and Contrast

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Losing to Win- Problem Solution

The main idea of losing to win is there are people that have large disadvantages and those people don't have certain things such as family, shelter, food or water. These are all things that we believe are essential to everyday life, but what these people do have is a school that has a basketball team that almost never wins, this teaches them how to persevere.These people need something to keep them out of trouble. This school helps by making them play a sport. First the school decided that the kids need help staying safe and out of trouble. Next they decide that sports are a great way to do that. So now you have to do a sport.As you can see this school helps with many things in these young people's lives.

Winston Churchill- Description

Winston Churchill was a brave leader who wasn't afraid of confrontation. When the Nazis started taking over their neighbors the British declared war and Winston was appointed first lord of the Admiralty. After the United States entered the war in 1941 Winston was confident the allies would win the war. They later did win the war and in 1945 Churchill was saw as a war time Prime-minister and was not reelected. During the next six years Churchill became the leader of the opposing party, then was appointed Minister of defense and next year, Prime Minister. At age 78 Churchill suffered a series of strokes and died in his office on 10 Downing street. This news was kept quiet but then eventually released to the public.

Eleanor Roosevelt- Sequence

Eleanor's life was struck with uncertainties and poor luck. In 1882 Eleanor's Mom died of diphtheria. In 1894 Eleanor's father died of alcoholism and she went to go live with her grandmother. In 1899 Eleanor enrolled in Allenswood, this was the one place where she truly felt like she belonged. She joined many clubs, got good grades, and had a lot of fun. Sadly Eleanor didn't return for her last year because her grandmother felt it was time for her to get involved socially. Eleanor became engaged to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, her fifth, once removed cousin. In 1933 Franklin became president of the United States. Sadly in 1945 Franklin died of cerebral hemorrhage. In 1946 Eleanor was elected as the head of the United States human rights commission. Then in 1962 Sadly Eleanor died of tuberculosis at age 78.


In all of these examples people demonstrated great perseverance all the way from being hit by a train to having both your parents and one brother die. These amazing people can teach people that no matter what happens you can always get up and keep trying. There are more amazing stories that many people don't know but should because whenever anyone feels like there is no way they can do something they should think about these stories and just keep trying.