The Fool

Kevin Riddle, Alex Kirkman.

"You only live once"

Definition of a fool

Someone who is bold and has a big impact and is seen as powerful through others eyes.A silly person that makes others mood change.

A fool can be many people doing different things to make them a fool


This book shows the character being such a fool by killing his best friend and finding his daughter missing from the fools that took her.


In this book Maria is portrayed as the fool because she doesn’t know that the people she betrayed are after her.

3. In this movie a man is a fool when it comes to spending and budgeting his money correctly and doesn't take it serious

For example:

Notice who is admitting to seeing himself as a fool in this video and how one becomes a fool and fixes it.
My WHY wakes me up! - Eric Thomas Motivation

A fool can also be a person who is silly and doesn't take something serious in a serious manner. Acting "foolish"

In the video above you saw Eric Thomas explains how he was a fool and didn't take it serious until he gave himself a reason to take it serious. What did he say about what gets him up in the morning and why he sleeps.
Its because he made himself have a why to every morning and every night. He shares how he isnt a fool by giving himself a why and making something of himself.