Renaissance Culture

By Gloria Mendez


For peasants there food was what they could find or hunting this would be due to not getting paid well or due to having family, some time they couldn't feed themselves. Back then if you got paid a fair amount of money the common food would be bread and farm animals such as chickens or little animals. They couldn't kill big animals because they would have used salt to preserve the animal left overs and salt was very expensive back in the renaissance. For the rich people they would have large roast beef, stag, or pig. Roast would be boiled in a large hot steaming bowl. For dessert they would have nuts or fruit they usually drank wine/ale unlike the peasants that drank dirty water.


The type of art they had back then was usually statues and paintings usually the theme was people nude or paintings of people's faces like the Mona Lisa that is still famous now. Something that was also famous to make back in the renaissance where statues and paintings of saints. Donatello was famous for making statues but lets, not confuse him with Donatello from ninja turtles. As well there are other artist with the same names as the ninja turtle as Raphael, Michelangelo & Leonardo Da Vinci which you might be familiar with for making the Mona Lisa. It would've been a good idea if they had gotten together to make moral of a pizza.


The fashion was set of by the rulers like queens and kings, usually there clothes was puffy and had diamond or something really expensive that we wouldn't wear. They would usually have collar like thing around there neck. Soon the fashion for ladies would be girdle for waist and then the rest puffed out. It would depend if the peasants where high class or low class to wear a girdle or not sometimes they wouldn't have enough money they would only have one or two strand of clothes for men they would wear a shirt and then a vest over it and some cut pants.


The renaissance started in Italy in 1300 and ended in the 1700 the reason to the new revolution is to that Italy had gotten very wealthy. This new revolution spread to all of Europe but mostly to northern part of Europe. The renaissance lead to new technology and discoveries this was very high advanced at that time some of the advances where astronomy, printing press, philosophy, literature, art and ...etc. This age was about wealthiness, discoveries, paintings and a lot of power


The religion was Catholic in Europe if you weren't catholic they would have tortured you to death. Back then they had many creative torture devices such as the breaking wheel, the saw torture and many others that were more painful. Catholic people believe in God, Jesus, and saints like St. Agnes, St. Gall and the Virgin Mary and many, many, many others Saints


Transportation depended on what level of richness and poorness you where on so if you where poor the transportation was on feet or on a horse that you owned. but if you where rich you would have a carriage with at least one to three horse dragging the carriage with the people to one place to another but sometimes if you where poor you could still have a carriage but that was rare because you would have to buy all your supply or just make it with all you had.


Language was quite weird for good morning it would be Good day, and if you where women they would have called you mistress if you where a man you would have been called sir. Everything they said was all scrambled up like scrambled eggs in the mornings. It would be very easy to understand what they where saying but talking it would run you into trouble it would be like learning to speak Japanese or learning an unfamiliar language.


They had many tradition they respected so many I can't list for example weddings, religions, family, country traditions and more. They have as many tradition as we have and probably more.


Rich people houses could be a three story tall house which is hard to find these days. Sometimes there houses where the size of a castle or the white house this would be a really big house. The owner of the house would have earned serious respect from all the country . The houses would have 3 to more bedrooms. The poor had a house that could be made out of of mixture of dirt and there ruffs where made out of hay. and had 1 to 2 bedrooms.