How to stay safe when blogging!!

By Emily Hatt

Keep personal information about yourself private!

Most blogs will give you the option to make your information public or private but you should always choose private as you don't know how many strangers could come after you if you made it public. If you do make your blog public don't put on your blog your address, school address, contact information and close relationships. Choosing private also allows you to choose who see's your blog so you are not in danger of getting stalked

Keep information about others private!!

Giving info about them can put that certain person in danger. If you are tempted to put suspicions about others don't even try to post it. Rumors are gossip; if you gossip verbally and it causes injury to another and that is called slander and if it's posted, it's libelous. You may even get sued if the person you insulted is too angry.