Research Skills

What you need to make Research easy - every time!


Step 1-

Click on this link

Step 2-

Make a Copy and rename it "Last Name_ResearchSkills"

Step 3-

Go through the videos, articles, and links found in each Section. **Go in Order**

Step 4-

Answer the questions in the space provided

Step 5-

Share Answer document with your Teacher

Section One - Copyright Law

Part 1 -

Watch this video

Part 2-

Go through each question on this website

Section Two - Citation

Part 1 -

Watch this video

Part 2-

Read the article, "What is Plagiarism?"

Section Three - Note Taking

Part I -

Watch this video

Part 2 -

Complete the Paraphrase Craze

Section Four - Website Evaluation

Part 1-

Watch this video

Part 2-

Play this Video Game

Section Five - Try it Out!