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Week of September 10, 2018

What will you learn about the world by sharing stories from your life & the lives of others?

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Lesson Plans DUE

Monday, Sep. 10th, 8am

Bullock School

  • To the 1st Grade Team: My Chat & Chew block will be during your lunch period this week. If you would like to meet to dialog about any of our initiatives, share questions or just have a laugh...let me know!
  • Faculty Morning Mindfulness starts on Monday! All are invited...the fun starts at 7:45 sharp in the Media Center!
  • Starting Monday we will be running a regular "full day" schedule for Specials.

Bulldog Buddy Roleplay Week

Monday, Sep. 10th, 9am to Friday, Sep. 14th, 2pm

Bullock School

The sign-up sheet is posted on the office counter. Please remember to model expectations for your Chill Zone and POP Charts as well!

The Principal's POV on SEL Activities

Don't forget that our #BulldogBuddy routines (PBS) & and our #EverydaySEL strategies will go hand-in-hand this year! Just like our Bulldog Biscuits, daily winners, and universal celebrations are all part of our Tier 1 supports, so too will be the SEL strategies listed below. All 8 should be modeled for our students over the course of September. This way no matter who our students are interacting with, we will all be able to assist them with these strategies. Should you wish to explore additional strategies based on your class's needs/interest...GO FOR IT, but these 8 will be our schoolwide starting point. As you explore SEL with your students, don't forget to share via email or social media!
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The Principal's Point of View

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Bullock Meeting Minutes

Click here to stay up to date with our PLC's, Committee & Team Meetings!

News & Notes

Morning Mindfulness: Starting Monday, I will be hosting a Morning Mindfulness session in the Media Center each morning! We will start at 7:45 AM & everyone is invited to attend! After all, we can't support student mindfulness if we aren't developing ours!

POP Carts, Chill Zones & SEL Stories: All SEL routines must be established and modeled by Monday, September 17. I would highly recommend that you make your POP Chart & Chill Zone part of your classroom Bulldog Buddy roleplays.

DIBELS & Gr3 Comp Data: All data will be due by Thursday, September 20.

Emergency Sub Plans: Emergency Sub Plans will be due by Friday, September 28.

Meeting Minutes: In an effort to cut down on emails, all our meeting minutes will be kept on a Google DOC, and he link (see below) will be included in the Buzz each week! This way we will have easy access to monthly updates & can easily scroll back to previous minutes if you happen to miss!

You're the Best...Quotes from the Staff!

  • Thanks to all that helped out with the assembly! It was a great way to start the year!
  • Awesome start 2nd grade team! Looking forward to a great year!
  • Welcome Katie and Michelle to 2nd grade...looking forward to working with you girls!
  • GREAT first day Dave!
  • Thank you to everyone who helped first graders find their classes, adjust to a new building and those who sorted out transportation issues! You all rock!
  • LOVED the opening day pep rally! Let’s keep it a tradition. Such an awesome way to show our Bulldog spirit!
  • Best opening day since I started work here! Thank you to GPSD for giving me such amazing coworkers
  • Thanks Steph for the “Camp Out Corner”! You have a permanent spot reserved!
  • Shout out to the 2nd grade team for being so welcoming and accommodating. #thanksforlettingushijackyourstuff
  • Hi! I actually told Melanie today what a strong and awesome team you all are! You have all been incredibly helpful and sweet and are making this much smoother for me filling in for her while she’s on maternity! Great job today!
  • Shout out to all of the third grade teachers for helping me transition from second grade to third !! Your help has been greatly appreciated!

Schoolwide Events

Community events/reminders are in bold.

  • 08/29: Glassboro Dyslexia Conference (GHS)
  • 08/30: Gr1 Orientation (10:00-12:00) & Bulldog Buddies Meeting
  • 09/04: Teacher Inservice (GHS)
  • 09/05: Teacher Inservice (Bullock)
  • 09/06: 1st Day of School (FULL Day)
  • 09/17: Bulldog Buddies/SEL Meeting
  • 09/20: DIBELS & Gr3 Comp DUE
  • 09/21: Hispanic Heritage Celebration & CAST
  • 09/24: Gr1 Team Meeting
  • 09/25: Gr2 Team Meeting
  • 09/26: Gr3 Team Meeting
  • 09/27: Specialists Team Meeting
  • 09/28: CAST Meetings
  • 10/04: Back-to-School Night (6:00 for BSI Session; 6:30 Session 1)

Happy Birthday!

  • Simone Marques - 9/13
  • Debbie Fanfarillo - 9/18