September , 2015

PEGS I Students are Learning Spanish

Caleb's mom, Natasha Bailey, has agreed to teach us Spanish this year. She comes each Thursday between 3:00-3:30. We are currently learning our Spanish letters and numbers. This week we chose our own Spanish names. The kiddos had so much fun playing Spanish Bingo. Thanks, Mrs. Bailey, for committing to teaching us Spanish!

News Reports are Due Weekly

The students give news reports every week. They need to start working on these over the week-end prior to the day the report is due. Third graders give their reports on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with second graders giving their reports on Thursday. Our class will be able to complete these assignments at a new website in the next few weeks.

Pokemon Cards

The Pokeman cards are becoming a distraction for the students. For that reason, I'm asking that you PLEASE HAVE THE STUDENTS KEEP THEIR CARDS AT HOME FROM NOW ON. I've told the kiddos that the first time I see the cards II will keep them until they leave in the afternoon. And, the second time I'll keep the cards until parents come and get them. I really hate to take this action, but it has really become a problem in our classroom.

What's Happening in September?

9th: Early dismissal

10th: Fall picture day and Diner's Club

14th: PEGS Administrative meeting.

17th: Fall conferences. Our regular student lead conferences won't be until next month. Let me know if YOU would like to conference with me.

18th: District night at CHS (watch for more information)

23rd: Early Dismissal

26th: Star-gazing night at 7:00 at Red Bridge

Computers Used Daily in Our Classroom

Currently the students are visiting three websites on a daily basis. The first one, is Pearson Math. The second, is a spelling and vocabulary site, Spelling City. The last one is Study Island which is communication arts and math. The students are being encouraged to work on the assignments at these sites at home.