Our Great United States Regions


The West

This region is known for the casinos. The West is surrounded by casinos everywhere. People go to casinos to entertain there selves. But it is also known as the Region Of Extremes. California has a city that is called death Valley because of how hot it is. Most people don't like living there they don't like the hot wind that blows in their faces. But California can have really cold weather that you wouldn't like to be there. The West is also known as the Region that has more fruits and crops. The warm weather allows a lot of the fruits to grow well. They have at least more than 10 different fruits. But that is not all The West is the region that has Hollywood. People like to visit Hollywood because they have a really nice weather that everyone enjoys and they like to see famous people. It is a really good region to visit.

The Southwest

The Southwest only has four states which are, Arizona that has a lot of dry deserts and really warm weather, Texas that is the second biggest state in our United States, New Mexico that has a lot of history, and Oklahoma that has a lot of fun things to see in a lot of places. This is the smallest region but it has the second biggest state so it isn't that small after all.

The Midwest

The Midwest is known for their cheese, dairy, and corn. Wisconsin is the state with most dairy products and cheese. Corn is really big there too. But it has more interesting facts than that. For example they have something named barges that care a lot of things to their destination. It saves a lot of things and the best thing is that it cost really cheap! But the bad thing is that it takes a lot of time to get to their destination but that is not a big problem that is why patient was made for. The Midwest is the state with the Great Lakes. Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Superior, Lake Huron, and Lake Ontario. These are just some of the really interesting facts about The Midwest.

The Southeast

Believe it or not the Southeast was a really cruel region when slavery was going on. They didn't know what they were doing they treated black people as if they were animals and worse. It wasn't very fare at all. But there is good things about the Southeast they have a lot of cotton fields. They grow most of the cotton in this region. They also have a lot of tobacco in the Southeast. Hurricanes are really common in this region too. I think that it is really weird that this was that region that had most of the slavery and now they have most of the hurricanes.

The Northeast

This region has a lot of maple syrup. It takes a lot for them to get the maple syrup ready so we can put it on top of our pancakes. The Northeast is the region that has a lot of vineyards too. They have a perfect weather that they can grow a lot of delicious cranberries for everyone to enjoy. Their cranberries are very juicy and good to eat. But this region is also known for their waterman. There is a lot of waterman that catch a variety of crabs and other sea creatures too.