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The Groom Looks Kingly on Weeding Day Sporting Sherwanis or Jodhpuris

The Indian wedding is akin to a royal event. If the bride looks like a queen the grooms of today are not far behind; sporting sherwanis they too look like kings. Indians have carried their culture to far corners of the globe and spreading its glamour among other communities. The weddings look like pages out of history. There are many options to choose from for Indian grooms - men's kurtas, men's jodhpuris, wedding kurtas, wedding kurtas for men and you name it.

The grand Indian wedding is not confined to one event but continues for many days with the focus on the wedding night. Thus for days ahead the planning goes on about what not only the wedding couple but also what the near friends and relations will wear. The drama must take on the appearance of a full royal court. The jodhpur and sherwanis top the list. The groom looks Mughal in his splendour. A long forgotten tradition is once more getting recognition although the throne lies empty.

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