From Your Media Specialist

Melissa Nelson


Our summer vacation is over, and it is now time for us to begin the real work of educating our scholars! I am excited about what this year is going to bring, as I know you are. I look forward to helping each of you to enhance your lessons and presentations. Whether is through a device, another form of technology, or with print resources, I know that we can accomplish great things together,

Melissa Nelson

Technology Tid Bits

  • If you have any technology or classroom resource needs, please let me know.
  • In your classroom should be remotes for the television, projector, document camera, and dvd/vcr. If you are missing any of these items, let me know.
  • Do not move (or remove) any of your technology; your computers, and all other devices (including telephone) must remain where they are currently located.
  • If you experience any technology malfunctions, please call me. You should never contact the helpdesk for assistance. As your technology contact, I will communicate to the technology department your technology concerns.
  • Call the media center if you discover that a copying machine is out of toner, or if a laminating machine is out of paper.
  • You may access our Share Point site from our website's Quick Links section. It can also be accessed from the Teacher Resource page on our website.

Reserving A Space

If you would like to reserve the computer lab, you must do so by completing the "Reserve A Space Form" located on the AJMS STAFF Teacher Resource Page on the school's website ( . Once completed, I will place your event on the calendar. You may check the "Reserve A Space Calendar" for vacancies. Furthermore, send me an email if you'd like to reserve the largest classroom in the building (the media center).

Available Technology

  • Every student and teacher will receive a tablet. A schedule for tablet distribution is forthcoming.
  • Teachers can check out a class set of keyboards.
  • Each teacher will receive three chargers and a power strip.
  • We have CPS (classroom performance system) devices available for checkout.
  • All students have GCS One Drive accounts (accessible from computer and tablet).
  • Students have access to digital books through the Bryte Wave app on the tablet or from the "AJMS eBook Shelf" link on the website. Specific training will be given during media center visitation.
  • Go to the AJMS STAFF Teacher Resource Page for additional resources.

And most importantly, ALL SCHOLARS READ!

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