Mission Technology Upgrade!

How I plan on obtaining a set of iPads at my middle school


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My middle school is home to nearly 700 children. There are a total of 164 REFURBISHED desktops and laptops available for student use. We were also given a set of 30 iPod touches that another school was discarding.

It became very clear during my first few days at my new school that this was a huge roadblock for teachers, who are striving to meet the needs of the 21st Century Learners. Teachers are using their own personal iPads or tablet to introduce students to apps that foster an excitement for learning and producing.


I decided I would write a grant to fund a class set of iPad Minis, which would be housed in the media center and available for student and teacher checkout. I had missed the deadline of several local grant opportunities due to my late starting date. My learning set encouraged me to write a project proposal for Donor's Choose. Because of Donor's Choose guidelines, I was only allowed to ask for 4 iPads.

This is in no way going to solve my overall problem of having a lack of technology , but it is a step in the right direction.

What If??

After I wrote the project proposal for Donors Choose, I began to realize there was a large chance the project may not get fully funded. I discussed with my learning set, Dr. Moe, and my job share partner what I could do do make sure my goal is reached.

So I began researching possible grants that would move me towards the final goal of obtaining a class set of iPad minis for our school. After searching possible options, I finally found a grant that would fit all the criteria I was hoping to meet. The Dollar General Literacy Foundation grant will be available to apply for in January 2015. I will have all of my data and information ready to complete the grant process. In the meantime, my job share partner and I have spent some time discussing what local businesses have a stake in our school and may be willing to donate to this meaningful technology project. We are in the process of drafting emails and letters to share our goal in hopes that they will help us meet our goal.

What Have I learned?

I wish I had some physical evidence that my goal is being met, but unfortunately, I don't. I have learned several things throughout this project though. First of all, projects involving money (let alone large amounts of money) do not happen overnight. This has been a process of researching to figure out the needs of students and staff, and then finding avenues to meet those needs. I am new to this school district and do not have a lot of background knowledge about which families or companies are willing to help. So I've had to really learn how to market the needs of our school in hopes of obtaining what we need for our students. I feel confident that the grant process will be successful and I look forward to building relationships with the community as I continue to work on finalizing the project. My goal is to have iPads in the hands of our students by the end of the school year.