Bracero Program

Alexis France 3/16/16

Bracero program

This picture is showing how they check some of the Mexican immigrants in that were legal but there was a bunch that crossed the border and they worked together to take control over the governments. The U.S needed farm laborers to tend to the growing demands of their business. The Mexican government didn't think they were going to have enough people working on their new projects so they emigrated people.


The immigrants were coming in and there was a bunch that were not legal yet and there was so many coming in from the border that they had to make an agreement that stops so many from coming in. The Bracero Program was a series of laws and agreements it was made August 4, 1942, and that is when the united states signed the Mexican Farm Labor Agreement with Mexico.

Immigrants that were already in the united states worried about the braceros taking their jobs and lower the wages. Employers are suppose to hire the braceros for domestic labor shortage but many ignored this rule many benefited by cheap labor. Farm wages dropped and labors who lacked full rights in American society.

5 Facts on the Bracero Program

The Bracero Program ended in 1964

The Bracero Program ended in 1964 and there were illegal agricultural workers along with other crops or farmland that they would do in the Bracero Program, This program is where more than 3 million Mexicans had entered the U.S to labor in the fields with ended in 1964.
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This map represents all the crops that the immigrants would work on. It also shows on the map where some of the immigrants were.

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Operation wetback in 1954

In the Operation wetback that happened in 1954 in the united states after most of their contracts had ended there where immigration and naturalization service that began the operation wetback, where their children which are Mexican braceros born in the U.S .were wrongly repatriated with their parents.