Farming during the 1800s

By Sam Cain


Farms were a lot different during the 1800s. A Southern plantation during the 1800s was a lot different then a modern day farm. Colonial people had a lot of important livestock. Colonists grew crops like us.Farms were important to colonial people and important for money.


If you don't know a plantation is a very large farm. A plantation is usally owned by a wealthy man that could keep the plantation running.Almost all plantations had slaves.Slaves were someone from Africa that was forced to work with no pay and little food. A plantation was usally located near a river to import goods.The owner of the plantation lived in the great house.The great house was the biggest farm on the plantation.Plantations were important to economy and money for shipping goods.

Animals the colonists had

Colonial people had lots of animals and livestock.All plantations had pigs. Pigs were useful to defend themselves. Cows were also useful in a lot of plantations a cow was good for two things.First they were good for milking and they were good for meat.Sheep was a common livestock . Sheep were useful because they used there wool.So without livestock many plantations would not be able to get around quickly,eat,and make candles.


Colonial people grew a lot of crops. Down in the southern colonies they grew rice.Rice was mainly used to eat. Tobbaco was a cashcrop they sold. Tobbaco was usally used for make ciggerettes.Almost all farms had a orchard for something like indigo. Colonial people, for them forming was hard without modern day technology.Colonial farming was very hard but important.


My topic includes interesting facts about farming during the 1800s.Plantations are very important to economy.Animals and livestock were very important.For colonial people crops were important.Farming was very important to colonial people.


Cashcrop: A crop sold for money.

Economy: The process or system of making and producing goods

Farm: A piece of land used for growing crops.


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All about the author

My name is Sam Cain the author/editor of this book. I live on a farm and though it would be fun to write about farming in the 1800s. But i like lots of things, I am a snowboarder during the winter and i swim in the summer.I also have the best Language arts teacher who chose this fun project. There are many things i like to do but these are my favorite