Three Little Criminal Mice

Stay Tuned to hear about their Arrest

The Three Criminal Mice

Tom the oldest brother mice, Tony the second oldest brother mice, and Timmy the youngest brother mice were home one day because mommy mice had to go to work. She told her three children to stay home and don't leave until uncle Jim gets here. Time goes by and by and uncle Jim is a no show. Tom mentioned that he was hungry and saw a store across the street that sold snacks. Tim said you don't have any money and Tony said well we could just take it. So they all come together on how they were going to get food, they looked for money around the house and mommy doesn't get paid til next week. So Tom said lets just go with Tony's plan and just take it . So they go to store and take 5 pieces of candy each, not knowing that they were being watched by camera. So the three mice run off and go back home and a hour later the police shows up at the home and they were arrested for Burglary. So the get into the car and head to the station, while they are heading that way uncle jim is calling the house to let them know that he was close by and he had food that he was bringing. So the mice get to the station and they were placed into the arraignment room where they would be questioned at. So their in the room and the officer asks if they have any idea how they were caught, Tom says were not going to answer without a Public Defender. The officer says okay you have 15 minutes to find one. So the mice are deciding on who to call other than there mom because they would be in some serious trouble. So they call a witness and the witness was to told give a perjury. The witness showed up at the station and did exactly that but the officer kind of figured something wasn't adding up. So the officer called their mom and the mom was at the station within 20 mins. She was so furious with them and the officer gave them a court date and we will settle this in front of a judge. On the way leaving she called around for a lawyer and got one and explained what had happened and they weren't allowed to do anything in the process.
Court Day
The mice and the lawyer walked into the court room and they were a lot of people there; the grand jury, defendants, and others. The judge came out and sat down and looked at the case and asked if they had any witnesses or defendants, if so please come forward. So one by one came and told their side of the story but one of the witnesses had subpoena and instantly the petit jury jotted those clues down on there paper to decide their answer. Soon enough the jury came up with the verdict, and it stated that there were proven to be quilty.