ECS Appy Hour

April 1


5C Badge Program

Those of you who are working on one of your 5C Badges...just a heads up that the deadline for submitting everything in the course is Tuesday, April 30th. If you don't finish the one you are currently working on by then, you will have to start it all over next year. If you want me to sit down with you and help you, please just send me an email and I am happy to do so.

As we begin to count down the days to summer, please keep in mind that we will be collecting your classroom devices in the same box that was issued to you at the beginning of the year. If you've gotten rid of yours, please make sure you have another one to place your devices in. Thanks!!
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Tools for the Classroom

Novel Effect

An article popped up in my inbox recently about an amazing new app that I think you will love for your classroom called Novel Effect. It allows you to read a book aloud while it provides special effects and relevant audio. All you have to have is a copy of the book you're reading and Novel Effect provides the sound effects. It is a free app and free to use on Apple & Android devices. Read more here about how to use it and ways to use it in the classroom.

Online Wheel Spinners - Need a quick way to pick students or tasks or jobs? Click the link to see 5 free online spinners for every occasion.
  • Digital Citizenship in Pre-K - Did you know it's never too early to start teaching children about Digital Citizenship? Need some ideas for where to start? Look no further than Seesaw! A collection of activities specifically for Pre-K students.
  • Student Voice & Choice in Pre-K - What are you doing to give your Littles voice & choice? Here's another collection that has 9 activities for student voice & choice.
  • Here's a creative way to share class or student Seesaw Highlights for Open House.
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Upcoming Tech PD Opportunities...