The Falcon Flyer

Weekly News and Updates - Volume 2 Issue 25 - 3/4/22

Fulfilling the Promise

At the base of the Statue of Liberty it reads, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free". Our Fletcher community gets to fulfill the promise of America.

Late Friday afternoon of last week, we were informed that nine new students will be starting with us on Monday, March 7th. Our newest Falcons are flying in as part of the Afghan refugee resettlement program. From what I’ve been told, their families worked with the United States in one capacity or another during our military presence in Afghanistan which complicated their continued living situation once the Taliban took control of the country.

Fletcher is among others in SDUSD that are going to be a part of history, holding up our end of the agreement with the Afghan people, that they will be welcomed in the United States for their bravery. Luckily for us, one of our families, the Bahramzis, immigrated from Afghanistan several years ago and has been working with the Islamic Center of San Diego to help the newly arriving Afghan families get settled.

This week on Wednesday, our staff gathered to learn from Mrs. Bahramzi and Principal Qassimyar from Bright Horizon Academy about Afghan culture, history, Islam, and what experiences our new students may have endured. Mr. Qassimyar's family are Afghan refugees themselves, having fled in the 1980s during the Russian invasion. Special thanks to AJ at Kabul Kabob House, for donating the absolutely delicious traditional Afghan cuisine for our gathering.

Our students and staff are so excited to welcome our newest Falcons to Fletcher Elementary School. More to come next week.

“Let us make our future now,

and let us make our dreams

tomorrow’s reality.”

Malala Yousafzai

We are celebrating Women's History Month in the Falcon Flyer with an inspiring quote from women throughout history who have made an impact. Learn more about Malala here:


Congratulations Falcons! We surpassed our $1,650 fundraising goal. Our final total was $1,737! That means, you guessed it, we're turning Mr. Friedenberg into an "ice cream sundae". The top two earning classes are Mrs. Sperry's ($698.60) and Ms. Massion's ($782.60). They earned a DANCE PARTY! Our top five fundraisers school-wide were Parvina, Karina, Emma, Liam, and Evangeline. Special recognition go out to Parveena and Mark for being the two students who completed Finn's Mission. Wow! Way to go Falcons! Stay tuned for pics from the dance party and Principal Ice Cream Sundae.

Leaving a Legacy

This week Fletcher Elementary bid farewell Education Specialist, Mrs. Catherine Rayner, who is moving to Virginia Beach. Mrs. Rayner started at Fletcher Elementary as a brand new teacher five years ago and rebuilt the Special Education department from the ground up. The legacy she leaves behind is a program that meets all of the diverse learning needs of our students who receive special education services. Catherine will be remembered most for her patience and love for students and leadership on staff. Once a Falcon, always a Falcon. Mrs. Rayner this isn't goodbye, it's "see you later". Godspeed on your journey across America with Scout as your copilot.

2022-2023 PRIMETIME Application Opens Monday

The application for our before/after school program, PrimeTime, goes LIVE on Monday, March 7th, 2022 on the district website, at 6:00AM.

The PrimeTime Application is open to all families. Not just the families attending PrimeTime.

In order for applications to be processed during the initial application period they must be submitted by 9:59PM on April 15th, 2022. Applying for the program does not guarantee you a spot in the program.

Attending the Program during the 21/22 school year does not guarantee you a spot in the 22/23 school year program, you must submit a new application every year. Applications will be processed on June 17th, 2022 and families will be notified of their status in the program at that time.

Student of the Week - Roselyn!

This week's Student of the Week is Roselyn in Ms. Monge's class. Roselyn has been working so hard and we have seen the improvements. She has been dedicating her time to working on her reading and learning her multiplication tables. She has shown so much growth since the beginning of the year academically, and she is starting to come out of her shell more too! We are so proud of all her hard work and look forward to seeing what else she will accomplish this year. Congratulations Roselyn, and thank you for being a phenomenal Falcon!

California Healthy Kids Survey

Hey families! It's time for the annual California Healthy Kids Survey. This is administered each year to staff members, families, and students to learn more about our areas of strength as a site and areas in which we can grow to better meet the needs of our students and school community. The window for administration is now open and we need your support in trying to reach a 100% participation rate by the end of the month. Please take the time to complete the survey by clicking this link: PARENT California Healthy Kids Survey. Thank you in advance for your support!

Highlights from the Week

Open Call for PTA Board Positions

Interested in joining the PTA Board? We currently have several opportunities for families to get involved in this essential partnership. Email our ESA, Sarah Myers at for more information.

Why join?

  1. Support Students - Research shows that participating in your child's school helps them perform better academically.
  2. Benefit the School - PTA performs support for teachers, staff, and students which creates a positive and caring atmosphere in the school.
  3. Make Connections - Get to know the teachers and staff better. Make life-long friends with other parents at the school.
  4. It's Good for You - Socializing with other parents and volunteering to do good for your child's school is fun, healthy, and rewarding.

Even if you don't have the time available to join our PTA Board, you can join the organization by clicking HERE: Fletcher Elementary PTA Sign-Up

LEVEL-UP SD - Summer School Enrollment Now Open

San Diego Unified is bringing back the LEVEL UP SD academic summer experience and enrollment is now open for all grade levels. Here is the link to all the schools hosting summer experiences and their bell times: LEVEL UP SD HOST SCHOOLS. The enrollment window is now open until February 28th. Below you will find links to the online enrollment forms:

English-UTK-12 Google Enrollment Form

Spanish-UTK-12 Google Enrollment Form

Vietnamese- UTK-12 Google Enrollment Form

Tagalog-UTK-12 Google Enrollment Form

Somali-UTK-12 Google Enrollment Form

Big picture

Nine Weeks at a Glance


21-25 - Student Conferences - MINIMUM DAY WEEK

28- 4/1 - Spring Break - No School


6 - All-Staff Meeting

11 - Spring Pictures

13 - PLC's

19 - 5th Grade Panorama Picture

20 - PD Literacy

27 - School Site Council

28 - Spring Open House**

**Subject to Current Health & Safety Guidance


4 - All-Staff Meeting

9-13 - Teacher Appreciation Week

*Dates subject to change due to shifts in the academic programming

Report an Absence Online

Although we want students to be in school each day for class, we know that absences will happen. It is important that parents report their student's absence within 24 hours. Absences can be reported via our online form, phone or email. Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you for your support.

Click HERE for a link to the Online Absence Reporting Form


San Diego Unified School District now has a new testing site for all students and staff. If your student is showing symptoms at home or at school, this new resource will provide a quick and easy way to get test results so they can return to school as soon as possible. Testing will now be available at the Education Center located at 4100 Normal Street, 92103. It's only FIVE MILES away from Fletcher!

The site is open from 7:00AM - 7:00PM MONDAY through FRIDAY and 8:00AM - 5:00PM on Saturday and Sunday. No appointments necessary! Prior to testing, if your student isn't already registered to receive weekly testing on site, families will need to register for a Primary Health Portal account.

Click HERE for a link to the flyer with a map.