The Littérateurs

The World of Libridice will Fall

About us

We are the littérateurs, people who still care for the safety and health of society and of humanity as whole. We believe that by burning books, society is forced to seek universal happiness through mindless entertainment. Books will arrive one day to show humanity how humble they must be. However, the littérateurs will remain anonymous in order to conceal our books from the tyranny of the majority.

Mission and Vision

The central mission of the Doric and Ionian Literature Groups is to ensure that humanity will reset itself similar to a phoenix by realizing what books stand for. We believe that books are individual interpretations of reality by different people written down in the hope that readers will gain an extra dimension to their thoughts and decision making.

Symbols in our Society

Ethics and Morals

The Problems Faced Today

In the society where books are burned at Fahrenheit 451, humans are promised universal happiness through the destruction of ideas that upset any percentage of the minorities. While utilitarian happiness is one of the main goals of any society, it is hard to believe that by mindlessly entertaining people and introducing them to only thrill-seeking violence a society can achieve maturity. Our society is at its lowest point with people losing the human factor. Yesterday, I met a woman named Mrs. Bowles who stated that her children spent nearly the entire life in front of the television. While the television can be used to educate our citizens, it is not. It fictionalizes reality so people can feel a false sense of happiness. However, in essence, their acts of libricide are destroying the only refuge and savior for humanity at this time.


"Ideally a book would have no order to it, and the reader would have to discover his own."

~ Mark Twain

Emergency Council at Request of Member Phi (Faber) and Psi (Montag)

Monday, March 31st, 11:45pm

St. Louis, MO, United States

St Louis, MO

Member Phi as of late has notified us that the time for action is now and that we will finally show society their true self-inflicted wounds for the sake of universal happiness. Members Phi and Psi have developed an insidious plot to destroy the firemen organization at its roots. Member Omega in St. Louis has said that he will print the copy books necessary to plant in the firemens' homes for self-destruction.

Current Events

Death of Member Omicron

Recently, Member Gamma has notified us that our fearless Member Omicron has died. Member Omicron was strong-willed religious women who risked her life for the books which she knew would one-day change the world. Member Psi has told us regrettably that he was at the scene when Omicron committed suicide by lighting her own house on fire. In an act of desperation, Psi stole a book to hide in his home for further study. We have been notified that it was her neighbor, Mrs. Blake was the one who phoned in the alarm.

Interview with Guy Montag (Member Psi)

Member Gamma: What was the first step in your own personal revolution against the will of society?

Member Psi: I believe that my first step in the path less trodden upon was meeting this teenager named Clarisse McClellan. While she did not introduce me to books, she showed me how to view the world in an empty mind to truly see what is missing in society.

Member Gamma: How did the death of Member Omicron affect your view on books?

Member Psi: Prior to viewing the death of Member Omicron, I was lulled into the sense that it was a "pleasure to burn" books and that it was my duty to destroy such items. However when I saw that someone was willing to die for her books in an act of martyrdom, I believed that there must be some intrinsic value in them.

Member Gamma: You told me once of the spectacle of your hands in this story, could you please expand upon this?

Member Psi: At the house of Member Omicron, without thinking, my hands independently snatched a book and placed them into my sleeve. This was the beginning of my book collection behind the ventilator grille. Later, in the poker game with Captain Beatty, I was ashamed of my hands and could not bring the guilty parties onto the table.

Member Gamma: Tell me more of Captain Beatty's impact on your view of books.

Member Psi: Captain Beatty and I met on two separate occasions of importance which I will discuss. The first was when he came directly to my house. In this occasion, he explained to me the duty of firemen in an effort to bring me back to the force. He explained that the fireman were a non-essential part of an operation for universal happiness in which society would have total loyalty and subservience of the minorities and majority. The second time was at the firehouse and most importantly in a "cat-nap" of his. In this dreamscape, Beatty imagined him and I in a heated debate in which he was trying to devalue and show how books can easily turn on you. As books are the author's interpretation of reality, they are full of contradictions which can be used for any side, pro or con. I am thankful that Member Phi was there to push me on.

Member Gamma: How do you like your work with Granger and the Dorian Literature Group?

Member Psi: I believe that the philosophy of Granger is on par with my circadian rhythm. He believes that one day humanity will rise again from the ashes similar to a phoenix and reflect on their own mistakes and turn themselves into a truly human factor. Currently, I am spreading across the country looking for books and people who can be used to memorize them to one day spread the message on to society.

Developments of Member Phi (Faber) and Member Psi (Fireman Guy Montag)

The most intriguing piece of news lately and the main focus of the issue is the wild escapade and realization of Fireman Guy Montag, now Member Psi in the Doric Literature Group headed by Granger. Currently, Member Phi (Faber) is travelling to St. Louis to organize the Emergency Council in order to contact Member Omega, a retired printer, for the plot mentioned above. Member Psi is now fully inducted into the Doric Literature Group and is headed to revitalize and bring prosperity to humanity in Waukegan.

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Ionian Literature Group Studies

Member Xi: The Truth of Book Hunting

In this issue of the Ionian Literature Group Studies, I, Member Xi, will guide you through the process of finding and safeguarding books against the tyrannical majority and the fireman force. Similar to fireman, the Ionians and Dorians receive tips and/or hack into signals for the firemen to collect the books. Usually, these are obscure houses as the large libraries have been burned long ago. After we collect the books and load them into the vehicles, we strategically place sheets of paper to appear as books for the firemen to burn. My division of the underground society scours the countryside for ruined, decrepit buildings missed by the firemen and comb them for any manuscripts or books. Finally, another division of the literature group evenly distributes the books into abandoned universities as makeshift libraries.