Las Positas Updates

1/21/21 Volume 1 (22)

Happy Friday, Las Positas Lions~

Happy Friday~

Although it was a short 4 day week, it was a very full week. Our students continue to make huge growth when they are in class. While it is important that students are here, please make sure that if your child is sick, keep them home. Also, let us know if your child tests positive, so that we can keep an accurate account and take the steps necessary to follow up.

Please continue to help our children develop as knowledgeable people at home by doing the following (There is a Kid World News link below.):

  • Encourage your child to be aware of current events by watching the news or reading news articles when appropriate.
  • Explore connections between the area of interest and other topics.
  • When your child asks a question, encourage them to seek the answer out rather than giving them the answer.
  • Ask your child about what they are learning in school and engage them in conversations about it.
  • Foster areas of interest that your child displays though books, outings and activities.


  • "Why do you think that is important to know?"
  • "Can you think of anything that's happening today that might be similar to...?"
  • "What does that make you think of?"
  • "Does that remind you of anything else you've learned?"

Have a great weekend~

Go Lions!

Storytime: "Me...Jane"

Here are some discussion questions for "Me...Jane" after you watch the story below.

  • What is the connection between curiosity and knowledge?
  • What did Jane do to gain more knowledge?
  • How can you use your knowledge to make a change?
Storytime with Dr. Jane: Reading of Me ... Jane by Patrick McDonnell

Knowledgeable Life-long Learners Grown at Las Positas thru Physical Activities

Important Dates:

  • 1/24- PTA Association Meeting at 3:30PM at school
  • 1/24 - Fire Drill
  • 1/27- Coffee w/the Principal at 8:30 on zoom (Changed to Thursday)
  • 1/28 ~ 2/4 - Minimum days (ends at 12:40PM Parent Conferences)
  • 2/14- No School (Lincoln Day)
  • 2/21- No School (Washington Day)
  • 2/23- TK/K Registration Day
  • 2/24- SSC
  • 2/25- Min Day (ends at 12:40PM)
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