The fear of being forgotten

Where is it most common?

The people in which this is found the most are Alzheimer's and their caregivers. Usually this may occur in the first stages of the disorder, when they may feel like close ones will forget them. Athazagoraphobia can also develop in children that have been left alone for a long time.

What are the signs of Athazagoraphobia?

Some common signs are...

-usually low self esteem/self confidence

-also usually introverted and/or depressed

-Panic attacks can occur, symptoms like

-rapid breathing

-choking sensation


but, these vary from person to person, as the severity of the phobia can be different

What are some treatments?

Some people take medicines to cure the symptoms, but they really only keep them at bay. Some doctors prescribe different remedies. One of these more common remedies is a diet high in walnuts, salmon, fruits, and vegetables. Doctors can also prescribe memory boosting supplements like ginseng and omega-3. Hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming are "proven" treatments to get over the phobia.