Class of 2016 Class Council

Meeting minutes 9/21/15


  • There will be a meeting next week, which is different than what our calendar said originally, but there will NOT be a meeting on October 5
  • Tentative date for the Blood Drive is November 30
  • Co-sponsorship meeting: if you are in a major group/organization and are seeking to co-sponsor an event with Class Councils there will be a meeting on October 19 for your organization to present their proposal

Movies on the Quad

Date: October 3

Facebook page is being made! Once the page goes live, make sure to invite all of your friends and forward the information to all of your other organizations. There will be a reminder to post on social media next week

Shoutout to Thunder for our photoshoot today, can't wait to see the results!

Zinck's Updates

  1. Currently on board: Jack's, Luna, Loco, Moonie's, Taco Truck, Regent
  2. Level B interested, Dunbar's TBD, Plum Tree TBD, Asian Noodle House TBD, Nine's TBD (Contact information for Victor:
  3. We are waiting on receiving the contracts from Jen
  4. Once you have any agreement finalized, get your business to e-mail Thunder
  • Zinck's Night October 15- At CTB. Get Cornell Radio (Justine will contact a member), need a table (from CTB), BBQ food (Thunder) and payment system set up (cash box, Venmo, card swiper), plus a laptop to track sign-ups on an Excel sheet.
  • Time- 4:30 PM when everyone is coming back from class
  • Budget- $2500 last year, each card is $20

All Class Council Retreat

Date: October 17, 10-3 PM

Location: Outdoor Education ropes course, laser tag, apple picking, picnic, Plantations, paintball... send ideas to John if you have other suggestions!

Recruitment Sessions Update

5-6 people came each day. Went over what Class Councils does, asked candidates to e-mail their preferences. There are currently people interested in every open position, we will be discussing the pros and cons of each candidate in further detail.

Elections Committee Meeting

Surprise! We are all on the elections committee now *joy*

A major point of contention currently is when elections should be held, whether in the spring or the fall. Elections were going to be held this semester with the objective of being separate from the SA and getting people involved in specific positions so that when they come back in the spring they can begin assuming their roles.

After our discussion today, it appears as though we tentatively agreed on doing fall elections for the freshmen, but spring elections for every other class. We tossed around the idea of mentorship via the older classes to ease them in to their new roles.

Next meeting there will be an amendment made to the by-laws to include this (look for an e-mail from Justine with the current bylaws)

Tabling will need to be done to promote the election, idea of having an actual "voting booth" with a curtain and laptop inside at RPCC or a heavily populated freshman venue.

Have a great rest of your week! Peace & blessings