Sports Medicine Physician


I chose to pursue the career of a sports medicine physician because I want to get professional athletes back in shape as soon mas possible, and make sure they don't come back

What do they do?

A person that's a Sports Medicine Physician works with professional athletes to help them through rehab and surgery after they suffer an injury. Some injuries consist of a torn ACL, sprained knee, broken foot, etc.

How much do they make?

Nationally, the average Sport Medicine Physicians make is $109,790 for entry level workers and $187,200 for experienced workers. In New York State, the average annual wage is $65,760 for entry level workers and $187,200 for experienced workers.
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What are the benefits?

What are the benefits you may ask? For one, you have a good salary, you get to meet and work with elite athletes like Paul George of the Indiana Pacers, Brian Scalabrine of the Boston Celtics, or Michael Vick of the New York Jets. You also have a lot of great traveling opportunities to meet these players especially if they are over seas like in Europe.

What are some natural abilities you need as a Sports Medicine Physician?

Sports doctors must be well-trained and intensely interested in learning about the physiology of the human body, especially as it relates to athletes and sports. They need empathy to deal with the emotions of the athletes if they are upset about the injury, they need to be able to talk to the patients compassionately and let them know everything will be fine and to keep their spirits up, and also need to know how to make good decisions with the injury whatever the cause maybe.

What education do I need to become a sports medicine physician?

Becoming a sports medicine physician requires obtaining a bachelor's degree and a Doctor of Medicine degree. During their undergraduate years, students will need to take pre-med classes in biology, anatomy and chemistry. Medical school is a 4-year program in which the last two years include clinical rotations in and out of a hospital. Also, many physicians work in private clinics or offices, often with a staff of nurses and administrative workers.
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