The Fast and Furious Cheetah

Eric Selquist

A Cheetah's Speed

The Cheetah is a racing champ and has been a racing champ for 10 million consecutive years! The average speed of a Cheetah is from 60 to 80 miles per hour. It can go from 0 to 70 miles per hour in a few seconds and in 2 seconds it can run 45 miles per hour and in one stride it can go 23 feet! Since the stride and speed are so fast, their legs spend more time in the air than on ground! While hunting they are so fast and it is a huge advantage but the hunt might not last more than 30 seconds! Not even horses and lots of sports cars are faster. The Cheetah really is a racing champ.

Body parts that help the Cheetah move fast

The body parts help the cheetah move so fast. The body is built for speed. On the paw the claws don't retract for grip. The lungs are so large, for the oxygen they need. The back bone is the largest and most flexible of all large cats. The back bone helps with long strides. The hind legs stay together for long strides. The tail helps with balance and turn. The head is short and small for aerodynamic reasons. The Cheetah doesn't just run fast because it wants to, it is because the body is made for it.
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Diagram of a cheetah

Cheetahs life span

Just Born

When Cheetahs are just born they weigh 8-10 ounces. From the minute they're born they are prey. The mother would move them every three to four days so predators don't get them. The baby has black and white fur. The baby Cheetah is blind when born. The baby Cheetah really is a handful.

Young cheetah

A young cheetah is not blind after 5-10 days. After 3 weeks the young Cheetah can follow its mother. The young Cheetahs able to watch her mother hunt but they have to be silent. They have a mantle like a Honey badger. after 8-12 weeks they grow out of their mantle.They grow fur like their mother. The Cheetah can eat meat after 4 weeks. After 2 weeks their small teeth grow in. They really grow up fast.


6 months on they only eat meat. The mother brings meat to help train attacking on animals. After 1 and a half years they can hunt on their own. Cheetahs can't roar. The mother leaves them on their own. They are ready to have a litter. The Cheetah dies after 7-10 years on average.

Cheetah VS Horse

Cheetahs and horses are both one of the fastest land animals but the Cheetah is the fastest animal. One reason both the horse and the cheetah are the fastest land animals is their legs, their legs are very strong. They both gallop to go fast. The Cheetah has a flexible back bone but the Horse doesn't. If a horse had a back bone like a Cheetah, it could run faster. The Cheetahs backbone goes through their tail. The Cheetahs stride is much bigger than a Horses. The Cheetahs stride is 23 feet long. Even though the animals are some of the fastest in the world they are not the same.

Putting the paw down


The humans are killing the Cheetahs by fencing off areas of land. Cheetahs need wide open areas to kill. The animals now are in a competition for food. The Cheetah is dieng faster than they can be born. The loss of habitat isn't helping. Cheetahs are killing cattle because they need food. In some countries the people are allowed to kill the Cheetah because the Cheetah killed some of their cattle. Because of this the Cheetah could be extinct in 2030!


Because Cheetahs are being killed, people are cracking down on people killing Cheetahs unauthorized. Because of this people are banning hunting Cheetahs. The Cheetah may not be alive that much longer.

Make or brake


The Cheetah is vanishing at an alarming rate. People are taking Their land for human's cattle. The Cheetahs need wide open areas to hunt prey. Areas where cheetahs live are being cut off . The Cheetah now has to hunt cattle. The Cheetah is dieng off and we need to help.


The Cheetahs are on a bad path. The Cheetah is dieng faster than they can be born. 1 in 3 cubs are not able to live to 2 years old. Cheetahs have to hunt other animals like rabbits and frogs. Since Cheetahs may hunt cattle, the Cheetah can be shot and killed. The Cheetah could be extinct in 2030.