Andrew Jackson

Hero or villan

Jackson's Childhood

Jackson was born March 15 1767 in the state of Tennese he died June 8 1845. Jackson had a fairly tramatizing childhood. He and his family were taken prisoner by the british. Jackson and his brother were saved by a lady, who presaded the british to let them go because they were just boys. On tje way back home the older brother died and Jackson was close to dying but the lady nursed Jackson back to health. A few years later the lady died and Jackson was left as a tramitized orphan.

Jackson as Presdent

When Jackson was presdent he was supported mostly by the common people. The rich people thought that Jackson was giving more to one class more then the others. Jackson disagreed with the rich and thought he was making the rich and the poor more eqaul then before. Most common people thought Jackson was a good until he installed the Indian Removel Act, this act says that all Indians will move to the west of the Mississippi River and those who dont will be removed forcefully. Most Indians moved but some stayed and faced the consecences, The Cherekee Indians refused to move and were fprced on to the Trail of Tears. Many Indians died on the long journey and Jackson felt that if the good people of America find out how brutal the journey was they wouldnt support him any more. So he hid the truth and told lies about how the Indains werent suffering but were enjoying the trip and all were happy healthly and okay. When they were really suffering and dying in the freezing cold with no shoes or a ingle pair of extra clothes.

Hero or Villan

To me honestly i think he was a villain. Ya he could be a hero to in other ways but hes more of a villain. He is a villain because even though the Bank of the United states benefited the rich he did not promote Democracy by taking it away. Also he forced the Indians out of the lands and homes. (SO EVIL).

Praised or Criticized

I think Jackson should be Praised and criticized. He did both good and bad thing in his presidency. One good thing is he thought that rich and poor should be treated as equals. One bad thing is he drove the Indians from their homes .