Healthy Connections

Nurturing Brain Development

Children Mock

Children mock what they see, for example when a parent sticks out their tongue the child will then mock the parent and stick out their tongue. This is because children are very receptive and are smarter than we have previously assumed. With this information parents must understand that because babies are more perceptive the quality of the environment must also improve.

How to Improve the Environment

1) Allow time for exploration. Babies and Children will stare at objects longer when they are startled by them or if it is a new image or object.

2) Give them blocks. Toddlers benefit greatly from blocks and play time with basic objects around the house.

3) Pretend Play should be required. Pretend play to some adults my look like a waste of time but it gives children the chance to discover their own world.

How Does this Effect Social and Emotional Growth

By allowing time for exploration, pretend play, and time for blocks the world around children is better understood. With this comes a better understanding of how others brains work allowing for more opportunity for social and emotional growth.