Colonial Times

Women of the 1800's

Women Working

Now that the great war has finally ended, we are free from Britain. It is a joyous time yet also a very difficult time for women. When their husbands were away at war, they had to take over the responsibility of providing for the family. Since women can not get regular jobs, they were forced to work in mills. These mills were the women's only option. The mill's conditions and pay are very poor. A woman could be slaving away all day and only receive a few cents for her work. It is extremely difficult, but it has been the only way for women to support their families while their husbands have been away.

Women in the War

With this great war finally ended, women are beginning to receive much more recognition for the extremely important roles they played. Many women decided that they weren't going to just stand by, so they became active. Many women served as spies, messengers, and soldiers during the war. This was the first time that women were really starting to play a role in society.

Women's Rights

With the war ended many women are beginning to fight for their rights. This July over 100 women and men got together at the Seneca Falls convention. This convention was all about women's rights as citizens of the United States. At this convention the Declaration of Independence was re-written to include all of the ladies. Not only did the ladies sign this document, but so did the men. This convention has been the first large event arguing for women's rights.

Women's Treatment

The end of the war has lead to women fighting more openly for their rights. They have become more outspoken in public, have started to try and find jobs, and have started considering themselves equal to men. Many protests have gone underway and women are demanding equal rights to men.