A Peek at Our Week

Mrs. Janich's 1st Grade

Notes from the Teacher

Important Dates

12-4 Falcon Frenzy

12-10 Lac Lawrann

12-11 PTO Movie Night 6:30 pm

12-17 Holiday Program 6:00pm

12-18 Rudolph Day (Wear pajamas)

12-22 Ronald McDonald 1:00pm

12-23 Grinch Day (Wear green and a Santa hat) & Winter Party (snacks)

12-24 through 1-3 NO SCHOOL Winter Break


Unit 1- Main Idea and Supporting Details

We will continue to focus on Identifying main Idea and supporting details next week. The main idea is what a paragraph, passage, or story is mostly about. Supporting details describe or explain the main idea. The main idea is often stated at the beginning of a paragraph or book. Recognizing main ideas helps readers remember important information. Recognizing supporting details helps readers understand the main idea.


Combinations with the Number Rack

In Module 2, the focus is again on addition and subtraction facts. The number rack is used to help students recognize number combinations (primarily to 10), subitize (recognize subsets within a given quantity), find the sum of two numbers, and compare two numbers to find the difference between them.

During Number Corner this week, students had to write as many equations that would equal how many days we'd been in school. Look how many they came up with!! Wow!

Please enjoy the pictures! Students are always so engaged during "work places".

Spelling Words

CVCe Long i

1. mine

2. time

3. bite

4. five

5. drive

6. quite