An Interview With Mrs. Taylor

By: Braden Wilke

Mrs. Taylor's acquirement to teaching

She got her Bachelors Degree in Anthropology at The University of Houston in Texas. She teachers 9th grade at Midlothian Heritage High School. She has been teaching for 5 years.
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The logo for The University of Houston; the school Mrs. Taylor went to.

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A good depiction of what teachers look like while grading papers.

Some cool afcts about Mrs. Taylor.

  • She teaches AP Biology and normal Biology.
  • Her classroom is neat, clean, organized, colorful, and inviting.
  • She has a very orthodox way of teaching. She takes roll at the beginning of class, and she lets her students use the restroom, if they raise their hand.
  • She likes to use technology in all her lessons. She will often use iPads to complete assignments.
  • Her biggest challenge as a teacher is grading all her students work.
  • Her biggest reward is seeing her students learn throughout the year and watching mature to become successful adults.
  • She believes to be a good teacher you will need a lot of self motivation.
  • She dedicates 55-60 hours a week towards her job.