By: Dion Simmons

Huge Building

The Astrodome is a huge building otherwise known as one of the Eight Wonders Of The World, with many names. It was once used as a multipurpose stadium that cost millions of dollars, but is now used for nothing.
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The Astrodome was the first Multi-Purpose stadium in the United States. The stadium is located in Houston, Texas. It was built to be a multi purpose indoor stadium just in case it rained while a game was going on. "The astrodome is an immensely decorated cylinder with a flying saucer roof" as described by The Astrodome started being built in 1963. Two years later on the date April 9, 1965, the stadium was finished being built and was open to the public.
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Money extensive

The Astrodome has had lots of money spent on it for many reasons. The stadium back then cost more than 40,000,000 dollars. It covers 9 acres and was about 642 feet by 208 feet. Since the roof did not retract like stadiums today, grass couldn't grow. Scientists later created a new type of indoor, fake type grass. It was called turf or Astroturf. The inside of the stadium had 5 restaurants and cushioned seats. Those two things cost around 7,000,000 million dollars back then. The stadium when it was first built had about 52,000 seats for baseball, 62,000 seats for football, plus 66,000 seats for any other sport. Later in the stadium's glory years it underwent a 100,000,000 dollar renovation. The renovation added another 10,000 seats and 72 new luxury boxes.

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Many names

The Astrodome is and was a very popular place, but it came with many names. Now known as the NRG Stadium, it has had many names over the years. In 1965, it's opening year, it was called the "Harris County Domed Stadium." Later that year it was renamed the "Houston Astrodome." Now it's called the NRG Stadium. Since the stadium has been named the 8th wonder of the world, it has been abandoned. Local residents have been trying to restore and renovate the stadium so one day it can be used once again.

The Astrodome was once the best place for sports even with giant rats, but today it's a ghost town (or stadium in this case) that cost millions to make. Various efforts have been made to restore the Astrodome but time will tell if it happens.


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