China town


Chinese Food

Rice is the main food eaten in China. For breakfast they usually have noodles and wheat bread. Lunch is similar to breakfast. The evening meal is the largest meal. Soup is served at every meal. Meat is expensive and is not used much. They also eat Stir Fry , Szechuan, Sesame Paste and Ginger Beef. The Chinese also eat a lot of vegetables.

Chinese Traditions

The Chinese have a lot of traditions. One of the most popular traditions is Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year starts on the evening of the first day of the lunisolar and continues until the 15th day of the first calendar month when they hold their lantern festival, for this every one goes to this one spot and they all let go of their lanterns to have good luck. They also have the Dragon Dance, The Chinese people believe Dragons bring good luck. People hold big sticks under a huge paper dragon and dance around the streets like a parade. They also do Lion dances, have fireworks, visit friends and family. They give red envelopes because they also believe red is a lucky color.

Chinese Sports

Some Chinese Sports are Table tennis. This is played indoors it is played with paddles. Badminton is also popular. Soccer, Basketball, Diving, and Gymnastics have also become very popular with the Chinese people and they have had a lot of success in the Olympics in these sports. Hacky Sacking is a fun thing they like to do when they have free time. You use a little sack and it is full of beans and then you kick it with your foot and you see how long you can last.

Chinese Buildings

One Chinese Building is the Clock Tower wich is in Hong Kong China it is made out of red bricks and granite the Clock Tower is 44 meters and on the top of it is a 7 metre lightning rod. Another one is the Forbidden city building it is located in Beijing China it was built in 1420-1912.

Chinese Arts

Chinese Art is ancient and modern. They get some of there ideas of art work to do based on their heritage and there Chinese culture. The most finest work was in workshops or factories. Soon art became very popular in China and very important from the 19th century and forward. One Art example is the Dragon and the Phoenix art . The dragon and the Phoenix are very sacred animals to the Chinese culture. The Chinese Dragon represents a boy and the Phoenix represents a girl. The symbol is on Buildings and Clothing. Another art work that they do is lotus art. Lotus is a flower. Then how they make the art is with clay and they shape it into the shape of a Lotus. And then it is Lotus Art. One other art that they make is Chinese paintings. Chinese love to paint pictures they paint pictures of old history ancient things and then the painting become traditional stuff.

Chinese Medicines

The Chinese use TCM, which stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM they believe can heal any health issue. TCM is a natural medicine, they believe you use all natural products to heal sickness. They also use Acupuncture it is used for pain relief it is also used for other conditions. Acupuncture is small needles placed on certain points of the body to be used for healing.

What is the Chinese Zodiac.

The Chinese Zodiac is a classification scheme and that assigns a animal to each year in a repeating 12 year cycle. There is also another concept that is similar it is used in the western astrology and it means the circle of Animals

Chinese Clothing

The traditional Chinese clothing is called Hanfu. Each social class has a different type of dress. Most Chinese men wore black cotton shoes but wealthy Chinese men wore black leather shoes and very rich Chinese men wore black silk. Women would wear silk shoes wealthy woman would wear Lotus shoes. The Chinese women wear long silk type dresses usually in bright colors. The men wear collared long sleeved shirts. Chinese Wedding costumes are usually red since that is considered a lucky color.

Chinese Superstitions

Did you know that 185 million of Chinese people belive that Buddhism was real and 33 million Chinese people belive in Christianity and belives in the exsistince of God. Only 12 million are Taoists although 100 million have taken a part in the Taoists activitys before.

How the Chinese helped build the CP Railway

Did you know that 17,000 Chinese people help to build the Canadian Pacific Railway! They worked in harsh conditions, Chinese workers were given the most back breaking and dangerous work to do. They cleared and graded the railway's roadbed. They blasted tunnels through the rock. The Chinese workers worked for $1.00 a day, much less than the white workers. There were many accidents and disasters. There was not proper medical care so many Chinese workers depended on their herbal cures to help them. It is estimated about 600 Chinese people died. The year the Canadian Pacific Railway was finished the Government gave the Chinese people the Chinese immigration Act. Many of the Chinese workers went back to China after the railway was completed but many could not afford a go back so they made their homes in Canada.