Postwar Boom


Cities didn't lose people or businesses but also property they owned and income takes what they had paid.

Cause: Cities weren't losing people or businesses.

Reason: People started owning more homes etc.

Result: Peoples income running low on other things.

Significance: People wanting to own.

To whom: Middle and High class mostly.

What: People owning

Time Period: 1950's

Location: Europe

International Housing

International housing Act 40 million people lived in poverty in 1950.

What: Law.
Time Period: 1960's.


Cause: housing.

Reason: people Moving.

Result: People buying more houses.

Significance: People not living in much poverty.

To whom: All classes.

Baby Boom

Unprecedented population explosion. Birthrate soared.

What: Women having more babies.

Time Period: 1969's.


Cause: Having the babies get older and help there families.

Reason: To have more kids.

Result: Women having a lot more babies.

Significance: Having kids.

To whom: mostly women and their family.