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APRIL 2023 - Issue #63

Autism Awareness Month

Take the Autism Speaks #LightUpWithKindness” campaign to heart do something to create a world that is kinder, gentler, more respectful and inclusive of autistic people with autism.

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April Holidays


Learn about Easter here.


Learn about Passover here.

Eid al-Fitr

Learn about Eid al-Fitr here.

Teachers Corner

Amazing Giveaways

WeAreTeachers has given away over $5 million in prizing. See what’s up for grabs right now !!

Test-Taking Strategies To Help Students Pass With Ease

From pop quizzes to standardized tests, students face a lot of graded assessments and exams throughout their school years. Help them develop strong test-taking strategies they can use no matter what type of assessment it is.

12 Money Skills Teens Need Before Graduation

Do you know some teens who could use a crash course in “adulting”? We hear you. Budgeting and saving aren’t on all of our students’ radars, but they are skills students will need no matter what their futures hold.

National Library Week - April 23 to 29

Libraries are pivotal to society to both universities and to schools. Celebrating them, means celebrating silent reading, our communities & getting into college. Let’s look back on our love for the smell inside an old book. You're welcome LOL

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Poem in Your Pocket Day - April 27th

Check out the the Academy of American Poets for some cool easy ideas :)

Must-Share Poems for Middle School and High School

45 Must-Share Poems for Middle School and High School. These poems inspire creativity. Note: Be sure to review these poems for middle school and high school students before sharing to ensure they align with your learning environment.

Ready Made Poem in your pocket

Poem in Your Pocket Day is a national initiative that aims to share the joy and community of poetry by inspiring people to read and carry a poem with them throughout the day. Use the ready-made student poems or write your own on the blanks.

24 Fun Online Interactive Math Games - all levels

Looking for fun ways to get kids to do some math practice? Try these online interactive math games! They’re perfect for at-home enrichment or homework assignments.

Science Resources for Middle and High School

Free activities, videos, and articles that make teaching science easier—and more fun!

Project Look Smart

TOTALLY FREE & FABULOS - Our mission is to help K-16 educators enhance students’ critical thinking, metacognition, and civic engagement through media literacy materials and professional development.


From Book to the Big screen

The Movies on this list are almost as good on the screen as they were on the page. Books made into movies also can be a great way to inspire kids who aren't big readers to crack open a novel they might otherwise have ignored.

Toni Morrison - Agent of Change
Read more about Toni Morrison

American author Toni Morrison was noted for her examination of the African American experience—particularly the female experience—within the black community. Check her out !!

Get out of the classroom and explore the world!

Best Field Trip Ideas for Every Age and Interest (Virtual Options Too!) You usually only get one or two a year so it’s important to do it right! Our roundups of unique field trip ideas have something for every age, subject, and interest.

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Motivational Quotes

Brainy Quote has dozens of topics & authors. Check them out !!

📚 Peninsula Public Library 📚

Take a peek at what is going on at the Library! Find a book for curbside pick up! Take a trip to a museum with free passes! Database access also available.Use your library card to borrow books using Sora or get free homework help from

New York Public Library

Get a library card, attend virtual programs and and so much MORE @ nypl. Check it out !!

Something for everyone

50 Weather Jokes for Kids

Rain or shine, we’ve got you covered with some hilarious weather jokes for the classroom!

2 Minute Mindful Meditation for Spring

2 Minute Guided Mindful Meditation for Spring
📖 This Day in History 📖 brings you this day in history everyday. Check it out !!

😎 Word of the Day 😎

Learn a new word everyday. Impress your friends, family & teachers. Improve your vocabulary and SAT/ACT scores.

Common Sense Media

Reviews for what your kids are into (before they get into it). Trusted ratings created with families in mind.

😎 FUN & FREE Online Word Searches 😎

Easy, Medium & Hard - Challenge yourself

🌟 Difficult Hidden Pictures 🌟

These activity pages are amusing and entertaining, they help hone skills like paying attention to details, using visual memory, and practicing hand-eye coordination as they color in the shapes they find hidden in the fun artwork

Free Coloring Pages

Create something beautiful with some of these free coloring pages for kids and adults. On this page you'll find a massive collection of seasonal coloring pages for occasions throughout the year.

Storyline Online

I love this site you have to check it out. Storyline Online receives over 140 million views annually from children all over the world. I promise you will find a story you love.

Apps To Combat Anxiety and Stress

When it comes to reducing stress and anxiety, everyone from the very old to the very young can benefit from another tool in their belt. Experts recommend meditation, yoga, deep breathing, and calming music as good ways to illicit a calming response.

APRIL 2023 - Issue # 63