Unit 208

Airport Baggage Facilities

London 'bomb scare' September 2014

London Luton Airport bomb scare emerged when a passenger's hand luggage was left unattended for several hours, the luggage went through an x-ray security search and a suspicious object was found during the process. The passenger was then questioned by the police and was unable to account for the item. The item in the unattended bag was in a rectangular shapeand displayed a large amount of organic mass, powder sources and electronic cables. This bomb scare sparked up a full-scale emergency evacuation of the airport, terminal and flights were diverted to Stansted in Essex and Birmingham. The airport was then closed for more than four hours as passengers were forced to wait outside as a specialist military Explosive Ordnance Detection unit was called in.
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How to deal with unclaimed baggage in the baggage hall.

Unclaimed baggage would be taken to either customer service or the baggage handling desk which then a member of the terminal would escort it to security and into a safe place so they can screen it and also so it is out of the reach of passengers . At this point in the process you are allowed to open up the bag and check for any suspicious items. The bag would then go onto World Tracer system as an unclaimed bag and then World Tracer have to wait until the passenger contacts them. In other cases if the baggage was in fact to be claimed as suspicious you would inform the 'bomb disposal unit' and the police and also evacuate all the passengers from the terminal for health and safety circumstances. This would put a major cost on the airport terminal.

How to deal with unattended baggage in the baggage hall.

Before anything you must make a passenger announcement (PA) to inform all security and staff in the terminal and you may even have to contact the police if you have any suspisions thoughts over the unattended bag. Firstly, you would need to check to see if the bag has a name on the tag and if so make a PA call out for the passenger asking them to collect their bag from the baggage area. If a name on the tag is not included then you would contact security who would then screen it in a safe environment and if the bag still seems suspicious to them then they would call the police or in extreme circumstances evacuate the airport.

Identify relevant people to provide support



Security services



Relevant people to provide suport


If busy you may need to call colleagues for help with the queue if the terminal is busy or if you cannot deal with the passengers yourself or incase you dont understand something or are unsure about a piece of imformation you are giving to a passenger.


You would need the help from your supervisor in case of an angry passenger that wants to speak to someone higher than you e.g you're supervisor. You may not know what to do or have a problem you may need to check.

Security services:-

Firstly, if you have an unattened bag to deal with you may need help from security services and if the bag is suspicious then you will contact security who needs to check the bag and may even need to take it away for screening . Security may be called if a bag has been left on the carousel and unclaimed to screen it.


You may need help from the police if a bag has been pilfered then the police may need to be called, or you may need the help from the police for passengers insurance. You also may need their help if there is a suspected item in an unattended bag then you also may need their help if there is a suspected item in an unattended bag then you may contact special branch.


All bags that are held and not claimed have a 90 day hold period and and audits have to take place- after 90 days alcahol and tabacco would be removed from that bag. The team member will give the goods to customs in the red channel and they will issue a yellow form for the receipt of items. Team member updates a log, customs may do random spot checks on OHD bags and may confiscate items that do not meet the regulations- taking cash or tabacco and they would leave a receipt in the cupboard in case passengers ever came to claim.